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Tagging Information for Diddos For Kiddos & Teens
A Quality Clothing Consignment Sale
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  • SELECTING YOUR ITEMS: Baby equipment should be clean. Clothes that are clean, smell fresh, and are pressed, with butoons and zippers closed, look newer and generally sell better.
  • TAGGING YOUR ITEMS: Please tag items with only 3X5 index cards and safety pins. Use heavy, clear packing tape to attach cards to hard-surfaced items, and pins when possible. Scotch tape works well for books.
  • PACKAGING TOYS AND SHOES: Please do not bag shoes. Simply place your tag on the soles of the shoes and tape together or pin tag to laces. Group small toy items together in a Ziplock bag. Insert the 3X5 index card into the bag. This is also great for securing bags of small toy items so that small hands can't reach in and lose parts before a sale is made. Please include batteries and make sure that items are in working order.
  • HANGING YOUR CLOTHING: All clothing must be on hangers. Infant gowns and sleepers included. The hanger hook should face the left with the tag pinned onto the right shoulder of the garment, as you face it. Pin sets together on one hanger, with the pants/skirts pinned to the outside so both pieces can be viewed. Sets tend to sell better than individual items, so match things up when possible.
  • DESCRIBING YOUR ITEMS: Give a short description on the 3X5 index card/tag, in case it becomes separated from the item. Add a 'D' with a circle around it under the Consignor # if you want to donate your item.
  • PRICING YOUR ITEMS: You set the prices for the items you bring. Price competitively to sell! Please use full dollar increments($2 instead of $1.99, $6 instead of $5.50, etc.)
  • DISCOUNTING YOUR ITEMS: If you do not want an item to be sold for half-price on Suday, put "ND" (No discount) in the bottom right corner of your tag. If you are going to donate your items. Please do not "ND" them.
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Advertise with us. Contact us for more information.
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